The Party is finally through the mountains.

After destroying the staging camp in a cave on the Orc side of the mountain tunnel, the cleric Krath went exploring on his own to find a group of dwarves that had escaped the camp. He confronted them, and was quickly subdued by a blow to the head. The party’s own dwarf and ranger decided to see what the cleric was up to, but they were caught up in a trap and left helpless.

Around that time is when the dragon came. Krath, awakened by the dwarf he went to kill but turned out to be the leader of a cell of the “dwarven resistance”, threw his holy axe and struck the dragon a mighty blow.. that the dragon barely felt. After sating its appetite on the other dwarves in the group, it flew off.

Las managed to free himself and the ranger, and the three went back to the cave where the rest of the party had just heard the roar of the dragon and were arming for battle.

The dragon having left the scene, the party went down to a small shantytown below the immediate mountain range. After procuring some supplies, they went off to the dragon’s cave and, after a fierce battle, slew the white dragon and claimed her treasure.

As they were deciding what to do with the treasure (tens of thousands of coins are difficult to transport through enemy territory), the hippogriff familiar summoned by mage Cy Surwin told him that there was another dragon nearby, much larger than the first. The hippogriff, smaller and more maneuverable, attempted valiantly to lead the dragon away from the cave and his master Cy. The dragon had crashed a couple of times but was still in deadly pursuit when they went out of range of Cy’s telepathic link.

Now, the party has to decide: teleport the treasure back into human lands (now also occupied by forces belonging to the sorcerer Tarl Surwin, Cy’s brother), go toe-to-toe with this new, larger dragon, or simply flee and leave the treasure.

Into the Mountains